MaxRamp - Folding loading chutes

The new folding wide ramp, which can support a load of 1000 kg, makes the loading and unloading of goods easy in / off: vans, commercial vehicles, vehicles for the disabled transport.

What are the advantages?
Less weight: being made of aluminium, it saves 30 kg compared to its iron alternative
Easy to apply: the hinge does not need support feet
Grip knurled surface: it helps the operator even in wet conditions
Safety side edges: to direct the load and prevent it from falling down
Flat, durable loading surface: it can resist concentrated loads when handling
movable cases
Floating wheels for all types of terrain to avoid ground rubbing
2 quick release levers for fast removal from the vehicle
Brand new aluminium attachment system, lightweight as well as strong.

Technical specifications

MaxRamp – Folding loading chutes