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Definitive CLM uses high-strength 6082 aluminum alloys to ensure long-term quality and maximum performance. Its natural asset is lightweightness due to a low specific weight, equal to one-third of that of steel. Furthermore, it remains unchanged over time thanks to the formation of an extremely thin layer of oxide that prevents oxygen from penetrating and corroding the underlying material.

Aluminum is a “green” material; it can be recycled 100% indefinitely without risking the loss of its original qualities.

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Definitive CLM

We are specialized in the design, production, and sale of aluminum loading ramps, translating our company values into a comprehensive offering of certified loading systems unparalleled in the market.


Since 1992 we design and manufacture ramps, loading platformz and bridges.


We certify our production to ensure a continuous improvement in quality.


We apply strict controls throughout the production process, from testing to the finished product.

Product range

The widest range of loading ramps in the world, with 302 standard models available in our catalogue.


Our know-how enables us to customize the product according to the customer's specifications.


We use high strength aluminium alloys, for maximum performance.



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    Definitive clm

    Market leader
    of the ramps

    Since 1992 we are the leading italian company in aluminium loading ramps production.

    We design using cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art software to study new profiles and create innovative products like the exclusive DOUBLE T profile, which guarantees the highest value of resistance and bending modulus with the smallest surface area and therefore the lowest weight.

    Market demands continually drive us towards a constant process of innovation, enabling us to identify and interpret solutions and products in advance, always striving for lighter and stronger options.

    The continuous market demands drive us towards a constant process of innovation, enabling us to identify and anticipate solutions and new products that are increasingly lighter and more resistant.

    All produced profiles undergo testing with specialized machinery to verify their mechanical resistance characteristics under stress, ensuring the highest standards of safety necessary for this type of product.