rimorchi in alluminio

Aluminium trailers

DEFINITIVE CLM,leader in the aluminium processing for 30 years, offers a full range of 100% aluminium trailers with 3.5 ton total laden weight for which a B/E license is required. The trailer is a smart, practical, versatile and cost-effective means of transportation, offering all possibilities of combining with motor vehicles (cars, off-road vehicles, vans, commercial vehicles in general). Trailers are a functional solution for transporting operating machines and construction equipment in general, as they can reach places that trucks and semi-trailers due to their size and weight, cannot reach. They also have significantly low purchase, operating and maintenance costs and a definitely competitive cargo capacity when compared with that of other commercial vehicles.

Lightness: within the same category and size, an aluminum trailer make it possible a weight gain of at least 300kg, thus, increasing the payload that the customer can carry.
Sturdiness: the alloys used and the specifically designed profiles enable it to achieve the same strength as a steel structure, without adding weight.
Durability: no corrosion and rust problems, a common issue with trailers that are usually exposed to weathering and road or sea salt.

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