Pont Levis 4.0

It can be used for loading and unloading vehicles with rubber wheels and tracks, compacting rollers, threewheeled vehicles aerial platforms, steel tracked vehicles, etc. thanks to a special reinforced surface. The central part of the ramp is coated with rubber to facilitate the loading and unloading of compacting rollers. The frame is equipped with wheels so as to make it possible to move and with a hydraulic cylinder so as to be able to adjust the height of the ramp and adapt it to the different heights of the vehicle chassis.

The novelty is represented by electrical handling and Industry 4.0 monitoring functions
The movement is operated by means of a special push-button panel and software. The system is also equipped with:
• electronic control unit that controls all sensors and acts as an interface with the management software for data acquisition
• GSM card that allows geolocation and data transmission

The Industry 4.0 version allows you to benefit from the tax incentives provided for by the development plans of the various European countries.

The application of the Pont Levis 4.0 is particularly suitable for rental companies, as it represents a universal solution for the loading and unloading of all types of machines and ensures that these operations are carried out in maximum safety.

Technical specifications

Pedana Pont Levis 4.0