The mobile dock boards in aluminium by Definitive CLM guaran- tee versatility and ease of use: they are not secured to the load- ing dock but can be manually moved by an operator, since they have a light structure made of aluminium and side handles. They can be used to overcome both positive and negative differences in height between means of transport and loading/ unloading docks; they are designed to be extremely light as well as sturdy and weather-resistant. The range includes models suitable for pallet trucks, hand trucks and forklifts.

The non-slip surface guarantees handling in absolute safety and there is a single stop device which prevents accidental movement even in case of slight or no difference in height between the truck and ramp.

Load capacity up to 4000 kg

It is designed according to the maximum positive/negative slope allowed by current regulations: therefore slope must not be over 12.5%.

Technical specifications