Pont Levis

Height-adjustable hydraulic loading platform made of aluminum alloy with steel support and handling frame used for loading and unloading machinery equipped with rubber wheels or tracks, compacting rollers, three-wheeled vehicles, aerial platforms, fork lifts, steel tracked vehicles thanks to its special reinforced surface. The middle part of the ramp is covered with rubber stripes to facilitate the loading and unloading of compacting rollers.

The frame is mounted on wheels to allow it to be moved in the yards, it is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder which permits to adjust the height of the ramp to adapt it to the different heights of truck beds.

Pont Levis is made in two versions with a load capacity of 10.000 kg and 16.000 kg, the length is 4.50 m and width is 2.20 m so that it can be adapted to the standard width of truck beds.

The application of the Pont Levis is particularly suitable for rental companies, as it represents a universal solution for the loading and unloading of all types of machines and ensures that these operations are carried out in maximum safety.

Technical specifications

Platform Pont Levis

Hydraulic Pont Levis