Load Line

Load Line is a mobile service station for loading and unloading con- struction machinery. It is entirely made of aluminum and is used for routine maintenance and the washing and lubrication of machines.
It represents a machinery maintenance and loading/unloading station suitable for mobile construction sites and it can be quickly disassembled and reassembled and easily moved. It is made in two versions and its load capacity is 12.000 kg and 16.000 kg.
The Load Line platform can be used for loading and unloading construction equipment from trucks and containers, it has 2 front ramps adjustable in height and width so that they can be adapted to any height and width of the body, from a minimum of 90 cm to a maximum of 150 cm. The front ramps can be moved manually or by hydraulic system.
The Load Line is made in standard configuration with a central hole that allows the operator to carry out maintenance operations on the lower parts of the machines using it as a workshop lifting bridge. On request it can be made with completely closed upper deck if it is to be used only as a vehicle loading and unloading platform.

The height of the platform from the ground is 130 cm and the width of the central service hole is 60 cm. The loading bed can be equipped with side walkways so that the operator can get off the machine and get around the machine loaded on the bed. These walkways consist of a non-slip surface, safety railings and access steps and can be folded down
so the service station takes up less storage space when not in use.
To complete the structure, two service columns can be installed to house electric cable reels, compressed air hoses, pressure washers,
an electrical control panel and a fuel tank. Load Line can be combined with used oil recovery and fuel distribution tanks to become a real service station for all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work to be carried out on the machines.
To complete the Load Line structure, traditional ramps, steel track ramps or the Pont Levis platform with or without frame and wheels can be combined.

Technical specifications