B and C with extension E

BE licence
What are you allowed to drive?

A B category tractor and a trailer with a maximum authorized mass greater than 750 kg and up to 3500 kg. The
maximum mass of the combination should not exceed 7000 kg.

If you already have a B licence, do you have to retake the theoretical test?
NO, in the fully-fledged phase, i.e. when the questionnaires for the B licence will also contain quizzes relating to the
BE licence. Currently, a supplementary oral examination is required.

Vehicle characteristics for the examination
B-category tractor vehicle – Trailer limit mass ≥ 1000 kg – Maximum authorised mass of the combination ≥
4250 kg but ≤ 7000 kg – Minimum speed 100 km/h – Trailer height and width = tractor vehicle height and width – Examination mass ≥ 800 kg

If you already have a B licence, do you have to take a practice exam?
What does the practice exam include?
You must retake part of the B licence test (preparation for safe driving, seat and mirrors adjustment, as well as checking the clutch, brake and electrical connections) and in addition to this specific manoeuvres in a circumscribed area or in seldom-visited places:
(a) hitching and unhitching a trailer from the tractor vehicle; at the beginning of the operation, the vehicle and trailer must be alongside each other, not one behind the other
(b) reversing on curves
(c) safe parking for loading/unloading operations

The E Driving Licence
The E licence is an extension of the B, C and D licences. It allows you to drive with a trailer weighing more than 750 kg, below this weight, the trailer is considered ‘light’ and therefore an E licence
is not required.
Please note: Following the latest updates, if you pass the theory test of C, D, C1 and D1 licenses after March 2nd, 2015,
you will be automatically qualified to take the E license driving test.

The CE licence
The C1E license can be obtained at age 18 and allows you to drive combinations of vehicles with a tractor and a trailer (or semi-trailer) having a mass greater than 7.5 t. but not exceeding 12 t. The CE license, on the other hand,
can be obtained at 21 and allows you to drive combinations of vehicles with a tractor and a trailer (or semi-trailer) having a mass exceeding 7.5 t.
1) C or C1 driver’s license theory exam taken and passed before March 2nd 2015
For those who had obtained their C or C1 higher licenses before March 2nd, 2015: in order to
take the CE or C1E extensions the E license theory exam is still in oral form.
2) C or C1 driver’s license theory exam taken and passed after March 2nd 2015
In this case, those who acquire higher C or C1 licenses after March 2nd, 2015:
to take the CE and C1E extensions, only the practical test of driving license E is required, since the theory test is included in the computerized quizzes.
With the CE licence you also qualify for the B+E licence and if you have the D license you also qualify for the DE

Towable mass

The towable mass is a value that is assigned to the vehicle (if it is approved for towing) during the manufacturer’s approval, and the mass of the trailer (trailer + load) must never exceed the maximum value of the mass allowed to be towed expressed on the vehicle registration certificate.

The allowed towing mass for braked trailers can be found on the registration certificate of the towing vehicle in box No. 2 under O.1

Towing is allowed provided that the mass value shown on the trailer’s registration document does not exceed that of the actual trailer’s towable mass at the time of coupling (trailer with reduced load)

In order to determine the actual possibility of towing a trailer, it is necessary to compare the value of the towable mass indicated in the tractor vehicle registration document with the actual mass of the trailer in the actual towing situation.

Therefore, towing is possible even if the mass mentioned in the trailer’s registration document exceeds the towable mass of the tractor vehicle. The main thing is that upon inspection the mass does not exceed the towable mass of the tractor vehicle.

Example: If you have a towing vehicle with a towable mass of 2,500 kg and you use a O2 cat. trailer that has a total allowable mass of 3,500Kg as in this case, towing is allowed and in order provided that the trailer + load do not exceed 2,500 kg (e.g. 550 kg trailer mass + 1,950Kg excavator mass).

Therefore, it is not necessary to downgrade a trailer to use it with a vehicle that has an allowable towing mass of less than 3.5 ton, you should simply stay below the total allowable mass of the towing vehicle.
We recommend to check Box 3 of the certification document to see whether or not thetowing vehicle can be fitted with a trailer hitch by the vehicle manufacturer, and if so, if there are limitations on the size of the trailer allowed to be towed.
Usually, the size limits of the towing vehicle apply, and in case of an outfitted vehicle, the body limit expressed by the manufacturer applies.


  • All types of trailers must be registered at the PRA (Italian public motor vehicle register)
  • Registration is possible through any car service agency in the national territory
  • Our trailers benefit from European type approval with Italian and French transposition, so they can be used and registered in any EU Member State.
  • For registration purposes, identity documents or the company’s document are required, VAT F.24 form attesting payment, invoice and C.O.C. (certificate of origin and conformity) that we issue with each vehicle
  • They can be registered either for personal use or as a rental vehicle
  • A repeater plate is not required as O2 category trailers have their own plate.
  • They can be registered as an operating machine, if you send us a written request for that, we will issue a permit for such registration and the customer will take care of the homologation paperwork. Of course, the towing vehicle must be an operating machine and comply with the limits and requirements.
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