Definitive CLM Srl, the precious aluminium for lifting sector at Piacenza Expo

The company was founded in 1992 and next year in 2022 will celebrate its glorious 30th anniversary. Italian manufacturer based in Modena district has always been specialized in the production of certified aluminium loading systems and at the next GIS 2021 it will be present with the entire range of aluminium loading ramps – with the presentation of its own line of aluminium trailers dedicated to the transport of tracked aerial platforms and work vehicles. Definitive CLM – this is the actual name of the company, which since 2016 has become part of Definitive Group, an international network that includes 26 companies in various industrial sectors – reveals in its product portfolio a range that goes from standard ramps to the loading of work vehicles (aerial platforms, earth-moving machines), on the ramps for loading vehicles (also in combination with recovery and rescue vehicles), as well as original equipment solutions for light trailers, semi-trailers and related applications, to get to the line of pedestrian walkways and special products for logistics and transport companies.

Definitive CLM is a candidate this year for the ILTA Awards of GIS 2021 with its own model of aluminium trailer with which it is possible to load machines up to 2.95Ton (aerial platforms, mini excavators and other types). “The undoubted advantages of this product compared to the standard steel trailers consist in the greater useful capacity (depending on the lightness of the material used) and the incorruptibility of aluminium, which is not subject to rust and therefore does not require painting, remaining unaltered over time both in appearance and functionally – explain the Definitive CLM designers – moreover, while the increase in the cost of raw materials has effectively leveled the price gap between materials, from a green perspective it should be remembered that aluminium , compared to other metals it is infinitely recyclable, 100% and with the use of only 5% of electricity necessary for the production of the primary one, without waste. All trailers have European homologation.